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Holding Pattern

by Young Crone

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They say you can get used to anything
Settle into a routine
Here's the scene
Under siege from Covid-19
Waiting in line for the vaccine

Winter shuts the city in snow and ice
Everything slows, feels like we've done this twice
Feet beat the rhythm of the daily slog
Check the mail, clear the hail, walk the dog

White blanket covers streets and alleys
Snowed in like winter in Moominvalley
Try to stay home, try to keep warm and dry
Frozen in time like Philip J Fry

In this holding pattern
Can't last forever / hope it gets better / can't last forever
Holding pattern
What's on the other side

And it's still not safe to conspire inside
Gotta stay cautious; too many have died
But you know the weather won't throw me
I'll still be outside hangin with my homies

Let's elbow bump 'cause it's not safe to hug
Get covered up beneath the fleece space rug
White fur coat passes for winter formal
New Year's stacking champagne like it's normal

Find the holes in your cold wardrobe and mend 'em
Layer layer up - puffy like Bibendum
Five degrees won't cramp my steez
Bro, please - I'ma let my beer freeze

Obstacle course just to get down the block
'Cause Streets & San won't clear the crosswalk
Struggle in the blizzard
Shiver in the cold snap
Good luck hearing back from the 311 app

I can't complain! I have clean water
Warm house, loving spouse, healthy daughter
Time stands still but still she's growing
Loves her nanny; happy when it's snowing

And it's been a few weeks since the last insurrection
And we squeaked out some power in the last election
And our front line workers are getting some protection
And we're seeing a trend of declining infection

In our holding pattern
Hope it gets better / can't last forever / hope it gets better
Holding pattern
What's on the other side?

Hibernating in cryonic suspension
We don't know just how nigh the end is
Try to envision the coming melt
But after everything we've seen and felt

No more beforetimes! Just powering through
And on the other side we'll flower anew
Hope and light; opening coming soon
Anticipate escaping the tight cocoon

Newborn baby - don't let her get snowed on
But she reminds us we're alive we go on
Hold her up like the Lion King
And keep your distance till we can welcome the spring

And end this holding pattern
What's on the other side
What's on the other side


released March 1, 2021




Young Crone Chicago, Illinois

independent hip-hop from east hyde park, chicago.

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